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Whale Watching from Puerto Vallarta

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 4 hours

Calendar Availability: Monday – Saturday

Child Age 4-12
Baby Age 1-3

Whale Watching from Puerto Vallarta!

Embark on a luxury catamaran voyage across Banderas Bay, whose temperate waters are a popular destination for humpback whales! After a more than 3,000 mile voyage from the Gulf of Alaska to the Bay of Banderas, these whales spend the winter months delighting spectators as they frolic just off of our shores. Enjoy fantastic views of these humpback whales as they swim alongside dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays and a variety of seabirds. 

Ranging anywhere from 40 to 52 feet long, adult male humpbacks can weigh up to 45 tons. However, prepare to be amazed by the graceful acrobatics these creatures can perform despite their massive size. Keep your eyes peeled throughout your journey and you might even see one breach, propelling up to 40 percent of its massive body out of the water and landing on its side with an enormous splash!

Experience the wonderful world beneath the ocean’s surface on this unforgettable whale-watching tour! Book your tickets online today!